The vision of Exandal USA Corp. is to be the international leader in the production and marketing of Tara Gum and Tara Powder. We are continuously improving our high quality standards, and increasing our multinational presence, generating a greater benefit to our clients and the employees of our company, as well as contributing to the sustainable growth of our industry. We also believe in building strong and long-lasting relationships and partnerships with our clients. For this reason, we continuously work to improve our service and processes, keeping our clients forever loyal to us.


  • Exandal’s mission is to maintain our leading market position as the “#1 Producer and Exporter of Tara Products in the World.” We accomplish this goal by:
  • Guaranteeing customer satisfaction.
  • Creating a fair and enjoyable work environment for our employees, offering opportunities for career growth. Keeping our employees happy can increase productivity, thus, generating more sales and profits for our company.
  • Being socially responsible by giving back to the people and country who have contributed so much to our business.
  • Protecting our environment by reducing our carbon footprint whenever possible.


  • We offer and provide customized food solutions for our customers.
  • We work as a team.
  • We are flexible in order to meet the needs of our customer base.
  • We continuously improve our operations with up-to-date technology and processes.
  • We take initiative and bring new ideas to the table.
  • We work under the CAS system (Communication, Analysis, and Follow-Up).
  • We're committed to the results and achievement of the company's objectives.
  • We work to protect the environment and the people working in it.