Exandal USA Corp. processes the Tara raw material in its own production plant located in Lima, Peru, where we export Tara Gum, Tara Powder, and Tara Germ to all parts of the world. We have a modern facility in the largest Tara production plant in Peru. We operate under Good Manufacturing Practices (GPM) and international standardized systems, which guarantee the high quality and natural purity of our products.

We have a production capacity of 1,200,000 kilos of Tara Powder and 100,000 kilos of Tara Gum per month.

The company operates internationally, offering high quality Tara products for the food, beverage, pharmacy, leather tanning and animal feed industry.

As our first commitment is to satisfy our customers needs, we want to establish a solid and long-lasting relationship, and recognize that our products play an important role in their productions. We offer a flexible approach to business cooperation and respond to any changes in our clients’ needs.

Tara Products