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Exandal has its headquarters in the United States of America. Specializing in the worldwide trade of ingredients and food blends, Exandal is strategically located in the city of Los Angeles, California, USA. All trade activities are managed in this international business center.

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Tara Gum is a galactomannan that is structurally similar to guar and locust bean gums. Tara gum is the unique Gum whose functional properties brigde the gap between higher galactose constituted, cold soluble Guar gum
and Lower Galactose constituted, non cold soluble Locust bean gum. Like these both Tara gum is obtained from seeds. The solution viscosities produced by Tara Gum are highly viscous and short textured compared to the solution viscosities of locust bean gum

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Our Certifications

Exandal Corp is proud to have obtained several certifications to ensure our customer the best quality of our products and practices. With the related company EXANDAL SA, we count with ISO 9001, BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, HACCP and many others.

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Why Choose Exandal?

Our goal is to satisfy our long term clients with reasonable prices and good quality products.

Our production plants manufacture a variety of high quality food ingredients for nearly all food applications—we produce what many other companies cannot.

Supply Trust

Our production plant, along with our partners’ production plants, develop their own raw material, and work with an important supplier network for the development of formulations–blends that are customized according to the application. These facilities work with a capacity exceeding 10,000 metric tons of product per year.

Competitive Prices

The availability of raw material coupled with our strong joint ventures with the Peruvian farming communities allow us to offer competitive prices at an international level.

Product Quality

Client satisfaction is “top-priority” at Exandal. The Quality Control standards of each production stage are very strict in order to ensure the highest quality product. Our production plants have well-equipped laboratories operated by chemists and microbiologists specializing in food ingredients, monitoring the consistency of the raw material and final product. Our quality laboratories are certified by the most prestigious 3rd party accreditors.

Furthermore, our processes and products are GMP-compliant and have the Halal, Kosher, BRC, HACCP and ISO 9001:2008 certificates and fulfill the quality and purity specifications stated by FAO/WHO, U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR, FDA), European Union (EEC Directives), Food Chemical Codex (FCC) among others.

Technical Support

A trained technical professional from our Research and Development Department is available onsite at all times, and will assist with any questions or problems till the solution is obtained. We provide guidance to ingredients suppliers and users, informing them of all the product’s functional benefits.

Blend according to the application required by companies.

A technical professional group can formulate and develop the alternative of any product currently used by a company. Our company partners with experts specializing in blends in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of our products.

Cost Efficiency

We offer efficient service, from production to delivery. Our experience in the world market has awarded us strong partnerships with various loading and shipping companies, providing the best transit times at the lowest possible rates. We have the capacity to offer either full containers loads or air loose load via maritime transport

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