Tara Powder

Tara Powder is a natural source of tannins extracted from the Tara Pods (Caesalpinia Tinctoria). The tannin of the Caesalpinia Tinctoria has a pyrogallic character, but small quantities of catechol derivatives are also present in it..
Tara Powder is free of extraneous substances, making it possible to process very bright and lightfast leathers with maximum softness and fullness and a very fine, tight grain. The grain of leathers tanned with Tara Powder also has a higher resistance to breaking load, in comparison with other vegetal tannins.

Our brand: Tara Powder FP

Exandal is able to offer Tara Powder with the lowest iron content available in the market, because we have the only manufacturing plant that is made with 100% stain-less steel equipments. Our monthly production capacity for Tara Powder is 50 x 20 full containers loads = 1,000 metric tons!

We carry both the ISO 9001: 2008 and the Fair Trade certifications for the production of Tara Powder