Vision, Mission & Values


Exandal’s vision is to keep our position as the leader in the production and commercialization of Tara Gum and Tara Powder—constantly improving our quality standards while increasing our multinational presence. Additionally, we focus on creating great benefits for our customers and company employees while increasing the sustainable growth of our business.


Exandal ‘s Mission is to offer products that are manufactured under the highest international quality standards, using the newest production technology. We are highly committed to social responsibility and protecting the environment. Additionally, we offer our employees the opportunity for professional development in all the levels of our organization, encouraging them to seek balance between their personal and professional growth.


  • We offer solutions to all of our clients.
  • We work as a team.
  • We respect the opinions of our collaborators.
  • We continuously improve our work.
  • We constantly take initiative and provide new ideas.
  • We work under strong communication, monitoring and analysis.
  • We are committed to achieve our company’s objectives.
  • We are a well-oriented company that gives excellent customer service.